Can the US and Turkey mend fences?

The next set of moves toward stability in the northwestern Middle East now depends anew on how well Turkey and the U.S. can accommodate their respective interests.

Russia is building trust with Syrian rebels on the ground

Russia has used its North Caucasian military police in an at least partly successful attempt to draw a distinction between its forces and those of Iran and the regime, in the eyes of civilians and the Syrian opposition.

Terrorism and human rights

This paper explores the relationship between terrorism and human rights from the international legal perspective, considering terrorism as both a cause and a product of human rights violations and what that means for counter-terrorism efforts.

Can a firebrand opposition leader turn the tide in Turkey?

In a country that has been ruled by one man for 16 years, getting the electorate stirred up is no easy task. But bigger challenges are still ahead.

Diplomatic scramble over Syria's southwest

In this week's briefing, MEI experts discuss the Syrian government’s moves to assert control over southwestern Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts to lobby Europe to reinstitute sanctions on Iran, and Turkey's currency crisis.

Algeria’s short bursts of discontent no threat to ruling elite

Algeria has enjoyed relative stability and security over the past year, but the government confronts a youth bulge with a largely stagnant political system and a sluggish economy that regularly generates bursts of social discontent.