Hebrew Beginner II

Limited seats available.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Hebrew Beginner I.

Students will continue to develop reading, writing and speaking skills learned in Hebrew Beginner 2 while being introduced to and incorporate more complex grammatical structures, such as relative clauses, comparative phrases, connecting phrases, past participles, and the imperative tense. As they expand their vocabulary, students will discuss topics such as art, sports, culture, government, climate, and travel with greater fluidity by expanding vocabulary and by incorporating. Particular emphasis will be placed on improving listening comprehension skills such that, by the end of the course, students can expect to be able to comfortably engage with native Hebrew speakers in everyday conversation.

Required Textbook: "First and Foremost Hebrew for Beginners and More"

Spring II
Tue/Thu 7:15pm - 9:15pm
ToBe Determined

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