Persian Intermediate I

Limited seats available.

Prerequisites: Persian Beginner 12, and 3, or MEI/instructor approval.

This course is designed for beginner students who are trying to focus more on their Persian/Farsi conversation skills. If you already know how to speak Farsi at the elementary level, this course will help you to fill in the gaps. However, if you are not able to speak Farsi at all but you can read and write basic sentences, this course will help you to speak Farsi in a short amount of time.

After finishing this course, students:

1. Are able to hold detailed conversations on variety of topics such as: biographical, family, education, occupations and careers, living situations, their travels and places they wish to visit in the future, hosting a party or to be hosted, what other languages they speak, love and relationships, food, hobbies, any future plans and much more.
2. Are able to listen to simple podcasts or watch simple videos and to be able to give a detailed summary about it.
3. Are able to have conversations with another Farsi speaking person or classmate about any of the above topics.
4. Are able to create their own conversations in partnership with one of their classmates.
5. Are able to sing a song from the beginning to the end.
6. Are able to recite poetry from the beginning to the end.
7. Are able to play different vocabulary games.

Textbook and additional materials will be provided by the instructor. 

Spring I
Mon/Wed 7:30pm - 9:30pm
ToBe Determined

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